Best Restaurants In Taiwan

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Taiwan’s capital city Taipei could be a bustling metropolis packed with enough cultural sites, upscale shopping, and night markets to stay even the foremost active traveler busy. After a protracted day of exploring, hungry visitors can stock up at one in every of the city’s many restaurants. From traditional Taiwanese cuisine to international fare, this city has it all. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants in Taiwan.

Best Restaurants In Taiwan

Da Wan BBQ

For Japanese barbecue, head over to Da Wan BBQ. This restaurant is legendary for a Japanese cooking style called Yakiniku, a term meaning grilled meat, and could be a must for anyone visiting Taipei. Outfitted with only 1 table and limited bar seating, the little restaurant is found within the commercial Daan District. Guests can order from a range of meat options, including beef, pork and shrimp. While most Yakiniku restaurants require guests to cook for themselves, the staff members here will do all the cooking. So anyone nervous about manning the grill can rest easy, have a drink and relax while the yummy food is expertly prepared. make sure to form reservations before arriving.


Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles

Best Restaurants In Taiwan | Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles

Visitors searching for delicious Taiwanese rice noodles should follow the crowds – literally. Established in 1975, the small Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles shop is well visible along Emei Street; not for any flashy signs, except for the permanent throng of individuals standing outside its doors. The restaurant is famous for its single menu item, soft rice noodles served in a very thick, flavorful gravy. The famous dish comes in two sizes and may be topped with condiment, vinegar, and/or and garlic. With no seating available inside or outside the shop, visitors eat standing within the street or just take their noodles to-go.


For Taipei’s single-best fine­ dining experience, head to Raw, where acclaimed chef André Chiang serves a carefully curated tasting menu in a very stunning space. Chiang (who is maybe best known for his eponymous restaurant in Singapore) could be a Taiwanese native who offers traditional local fare with a Western twist. The experience might start with giant oysters topped with tiny pearls of sago followed by fatty pork over rice creatively layered with cold cereal and mushrooms. The star dish is that the duck breast.

Peacock Bistro

Peacock Bistro
Best Restaurants In Taiwan

Taipei’s historic Datong district thrived within the early 20th century as a serious harbor for merchant ships and their wares, but lost its luster as eastern sections of Taipei began to boom in subsequent decades. Recent revitalization of the district has led to a profusion of hip eateries, boutiques, and speakeasies developing among the old dried-goods warehouses. Tucked behind the luxurious courtyard of a sublime stone mansion (fronted by the quaint bakery Salt Peanuts Cafe [鹹花生]), Peacock Bistro boasts a surprising bar lined with glass jars containing a myriad of infusions, mimicking the area’s traditional medicine shops. The menu features light dishes that connive at Taiwanese classics, just like the delicate oyster fritter (a modern spin on traditional Taiwanese fried oysters), or fried chicken made with sake- and peanut-infused batter.


Lin’s Family Lamb Furnace

Lin’s is that the best place for dinner on a cool Taipei evening. The menu is strictly lamb — unlike its hot pot competitors, it’s destitute of typical ingredients like fish balls or tofu. the purpose is to concentrate on the meat. The broth may be a hodgepodge of herbs that has goji berries. Bitter, leafy vegetables are recommended as supplements; choose chrysanthemum greens when in season. The restaurant closes its doors in July, August, and September: It’s too hot and humid for lamb hot pot.

The table


The table restaurants | Best Restaurants In Taiwan

For anyone who can’t settle on what to eat for dinner, the international variety offered by The table is that the perfect solution. This restaurant offers an expansive selection, with a full breakfast buffet within the morning, a light-weight lunch buffet with colorful desserts within the afternoon, and a more hearty dinner buffet within the evening. During dinner, guests can cherish a range of international dishes, from Yorkshire pudding and Italian wood-fire pizza to Chinese culinary art and roasted duck. there’s also a well-stocked seafood bar, also as a dessert station where guests can fill up the evening with some homemade sorbet.