The Best gaming pc boxing day Deals of 2022

The Best gaming pc boxing day Deals of 2022

As the year comes to a close, many PC gamers have their eyes peeled for the biggest sales event of the holiday season – gaming pc boxing day deals. Retailers slash prices significantly on components and pre-built systems to clear out inventory before the new year. With some research, savvy shoppers can score major discounts on hardware to power intense gaming for years to come. Lifestechs provides a breakdown of the top gaming pc boxing day deals available in 2022.

The Best gaming pc boxing day Deals of 2022

The Best gaming pc boxing day Deals of 2022

Components Galore

Plenty of online component retailers like Newegg, Amazon and B&H Photo offer generous discounts on parts to assemble your own powerful gaming pc boxing day machine. Keep an eye out for substantial savings on key pieces like graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, memory and storage. You might even find previous-gen components on clearance that still pack a major punch for budget builds. Compiling compatible parts from various sales lets you customize a rig at maximum value.

Pre-Built Savings

Major manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo and CyberpowerPC discount entire pre-configured gaming pcs boxing day as well, saving you the assembly hassle. Shopping brand names ensures reliable, thoroughly tested builds especially at this time of year. Consider a premium system with the latest gear already optimized for AAA titles at hundreds less than list. Pre-builts also make great main gaming PCs or second machines for multi-player sessions on a budget.

Accessory Add-Ons

Don’t forget gaming accessories also receive sweet gaming pc boxing day markdowns from Razer, Logitech, Corsair and more. Upgrade your experience by complementing your setup with premium peripherals like mechanical keyboards, high-DPI mice and vibration headsets. Storage expansion, cooling upgrades, VR kits and upgrades like faster memory and solid state drives also hit wallet-pleasing lows during this sales frenzy.

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Where to Shop Deals

Retail giants hosting the fiercest gaming pc boxing day price cuts include Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, Walmart and Micro Center. As an added bonus, many carry a selection of open-box and refurbished top-tier laptops and desktops at deep discounts through their own certified warehouse programs too. You can often score these lightly used systems sealed or in “like new” condition for hundreds less, sometimes even with extended warranties.

Budget Build Under $1000

Scoop up an Intel Core i5-12400F CPU bundle including motherboard and memory at Micro Center for just $320 total. Pair with a PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 6600 for $279 after rebate. Round out your gaming rig with a $55 WiFi-capable 550W PSU, $69 1TB NVMe SSD, $59 case and $20 optical drive or fan controller. Your total investment of around $802 creates a capable 1080p esports machine ready for years to come thanks to these value-packed gaming pc boxing day picks.

Mid-Range System for $1200-1500

At Newegg, snag an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X with B550 motherboard for $320. Add 16GB fast DDR4 for $70 and a 500GB SSD with 2TB HDD for $95. Squeeze max performance from a $399 Zotac GeForce RTX 3060Ti. Assembling inside a $69 Corsair 4000D Airflow Case and powering with a $95 Seasonic 650W 80+ Gold PSU keeps you around the $1048 mark before monitors. This potent 1440p rig can handle demanding AAA games wonderfully for the holidays and beyond.

Premium PC Under $2000

Savvy buyers can configure a formidable top-tier build without exceeding $2000 thanks to stellar gaming pc boxing day prices. Amazon bundles a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700KF CPU/mobo for $440. Opt for 32GB DDR5 RAM for $150 and a 1TB NVMe SSD for $90. Supply abundant power through a $150 RM850 PSU. Accommodate a $679 Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Ti inside a sleek $130 be quiet! case. Total investment lands at just $1639 for a rig delivering silky max settings at 1440p or 4K.

By combing offers from major retailers, PC enthusiasts can assemble awesome holiday gaming rigs at every budget point through dedicated gaming pc boxing day shopping. Doing your research ensures maximizing savings to invest in premium components and peripherals without breaking the bank during this festive sales extravaganza. Happy hunting and gaming!

The Best gaming pc boxing day Deals of 2022

Here are some additional tips for scoring great deals on gaming PCs during Boxing Day sales:

  • Consider open-box or refurbished systems in addition to new builds. These can save hundreds more with minimal use.
  • Check for bundled deals that package components together at a discount. Combos from brands directly offer good value.
  • Monitor for price history trends to gauge real savings on components vs inflated list prices.
  • Consider short-term sale items as well as holiday-themed bundles specific to the season.
  • Sign up for price drop alerts from sites like for hot items that sold out initially.
  • Check retailer financing options if a large purchase is needed. Interest-free plans effectively spread cost over months.
  • Follow individual brands on social media for exclusive member deals not widely advertised.
  • Always thoroughly vet warranty and return policies, especially for refurbished or open-box items.
  • Set up price watchlists early to snag deals before stock sells out of the most popular components.

Being proactive and flexible gaming pc boxing day helps maximize the value achieved during the gaming pc boxing day sales period for gaming hardware.