The Best Cities to Visit in Germany

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Germany may be a country with an upscale history, remarkable cities and delightful landscapes, from huge forests to alpine lakes. Famous for its cathedrals the maximum amount as for its fairytale castles and uninhibited nightlife, it’s also the seventh most visited country within the world. Here are the best cities to visit in Germany.

The Best Cities to Visit in Germany


The Best Cities to Visit in Germany | Freiburg

There’s a riddle spoken about Freiburg and it goes like this: “Are the citizens of Freiburg so content because the sun shines above their city over in the other place in Germany; or have they been granted the gift of abundant sunlight due to their kindness?” Who knows? The foregone conclusion is that Freiburg is one amongst the foremost wonderful places to go to in Germany, even on those rare occasions when the sun doesn’t shine. Freiburg is one the country’s oldest cities, too, and features a rich culture, stuffed with cafes, breweries and restaurants where you’ll enjoy the standard cuisine. the colourful, historical middle manages to square out due to the 116m (380ft) gothic tower of its cathedral. The cathedral’s square is additionally the biggest within the city, and where the weekly market takes place. The farmers’ stands line the northern side while the merchants’ stalls line the southern side.




Schwerin is that the capital city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and perched within the northeast of Germany. Now, one thing is sure enough, smaller cities in Germany (like Schwerin) often get overlooked in lieu of their big brothers (Berlin and Hamburg, etc) but it’s certainly an area you ought to consider.


Located on the Jutland Peninsula within the north of Germany, it’s got an entire heap to work out and do! Plus, I’ve gotta say, it’s a number of the most effective coffee shops in Germany like; Zuckermonarchie’s, Less Political and (my fav) Public Coffee Roasters.
Hamburg has plenty of street fairs and festivals, so a perfect place for you to go to. one in every of those festivals is Hafengeburtstag, it honours the founding of the port. Another big attraction is that the city’s Christmas markets but also the MS Dockville Festival (which we visited last year).



Berlin | The Best Cities to Visit in Germany

Berlin is one amongst those totally cool cities that’s always changing, new and exciting! Now, once you’re here, ensure to require your time to go to all the incredible sights. Places like; the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral and side Gallery.
Also, if you’re needing to head outside of town limits, pop over to work out the incredible palaces of Potsdam, it’s only about 30-minutes by train from the centre of Berlin.



The Best Cities to Visit in Germany : Munich


Munich is thought in Germany as München. it’s the capital of Bavaria and gateway to range. This quintessential German city is that the land of lederhosen, giant schweinshaxe (ham hocks), and Oktoberfest. The people have their own proud accent, history, and traditions. Many Müncheners count themselves as Bavarian first, and German second. this can be what the majority consider once they think about Germany.The city offers first-class museums and regal German architecture like Marienplatz and its famed glockenspiel, still because the Nymphenburg Palace. Munich is fancy, but that does not mean the people do not know a way to make merry. this is often also the house of favorite locations just like the English Garden.



Thanks to its International Airport, Frankfurt is that the major travel hub for Germany and far of Europe. Many travelers arrive during this modern city and pass during, but Frankfurt is worth stopping for.Largely destroyed in WWII, Frankfurt was the rare German city that decided to not recreate the past but emerge anew. it’s the center of the country with its own securities market (Deutsche Börse) and gleaming skyscrapers. Its Main Tower is that the only high-rise receptive the general public and offers unbeatable views of town skyline additionally as its namesake, the most River.

Cologne (or Köln), founded by the Romans, is one od the best cities to visit in Germany. The soaring Cathedral of Cologne is that the centerpiece with dual towers reaching 157-meters into the sky and might be seen from everywhere the town. Located right next to the railroad terminal, it’s the primary things visitors see and that they never take their eyes off it.From here, rehearse the old town and on the western shore of the Rhein. Colorful 19th century houses and frozen dessert cafes are the background for an idyllic stroll. Cologne’s art galleries and excellent museums mark every corner.

After all that walking, Cologne provides the proper refreshment. Kölsch is that the beer of Cologne. Served in endless rotation in small glasses, the people of Cologne rarely drink the other beer.